Thursday, June 2, 2011

Statistics between Ring and Shoe Size

Linear Correlation Coefficient: r=.871           Line of Regression:  y = .189x + 5.859

Difficulties/Surprises Encountered
            A difficulty that I had while collecting the data was that not everyone knew their ring size.  To solve this problem I went online found a ring measurer, printed it out, and if someone didn’t know their ring size I would measure their finger.  I was surprised of how many people don’t know their ring sizes and I was surprised that some peoples ring size and shoe size was exactly the same.
            Majority of the variables were comparable.  The ring size and the shoe size were very close if not the same in number.   When you compare the two variables the sizes aren’t more than four sizes apart.  In most samples the shoe size was larger than the ring size. Only a few people had a smaller shoe size than ring size.
Interpretation and Conclusion
            If I were to answer the question, is the ring finger ring size related to shoe size, after doing this research project, I would say yes in most cases ring finger ring size is related to shoe size.  Some of people had the same size of finger as they did shoe, for example size 8 ring and size 8 shoe.   Lots of people had had their finger size only one or two sizes smaller than their shoe size, for example size 6 ring and size 6 ½ shoe.


  1. Thank you for this research. You have the most objectively data based answer I have found thus